关于我们|Who we are

博物新智|PLAYS 是一家年轻的创新设计机构,由具有北欧工作及学习背景的资深设计团队创立于2013年。我们的核心成员具有多年的服务于国际企业的设计及生产经验,并与赫尔辛基知名设计工作室Muotohiomo合作,致力于为中国客户定制专业而精准的品牌与产品整体解决方案。



PLAYS STUDIO is a young and innovative design agency founded in 2013 summer in Beijing. The PLAYS team is creative, experienced, and has established close collaboration with Muotohiomo in Helsinki since start.

For past 2 years, we have delivered systemic and in-depth design services to many promising start-ups, and acquired broader understanding of how design can enhance business growth and accelerate brand development more effectively. The knowledge and experience from both successful case study as well as detour are our best lessons, and exactly what we want to share with more people.

We believe good design can be the most empathetic tools for understanding people and powerful recipe for business thrive, and that is what we can offer here in PLAYS.

For more information, please contact us.

设计流程|Our design process

We have agile and effective working process to ensure the clients good design results.


招聘|We are Hiring

We are currently looking for designers to join our Beijing office. Please send your CV & portfolio to info[at]playsstudio.com, file size max. 10Mb.


- 3+ years full working experience in branding and graphic design

- Independently working on branding and graphic design project; responsible for research, concept generation, concept development and realisation

- Familiar with manufacture of graphic and branding material, able to follow and monitor manufacture process

- Expertise in Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc. skills of Aftereffects, Premiere etc. animation and interaction editing software is a plus!

- Collaborate with cross-disciplinary professionals, ex. product designer, software engineering, marketing team etc.

- Language: Mandarin and basic English




- 2+ years working experience in product design

- Capable of completing design concept independently, responsible for research, concept generation, concept development and realization

- Have basic knowledge of product manufacture

- Expertise in 3D modelling software such as Solidworks or Rhino etc, and 2D software such as Adobe photoshop, Illustrator etc.

- Collaborate with cross-disciplinary professionals, ex. mechanical engineer, graphic designer etc.

- Language: Mandarin and basic English